All is in knowing of the all. In this semblance of communication their is coition. There is an understanding of divine order. An elixir from the other-world:an ever-lasting potion. Advertisements

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All Mine

A white whisper is her breath as it shimmers and cascades through the vortex of the surrounding December air. Her eyes make diamonds jealous; they are stars containing each their own universe. Skin pale and smooth, indescribable. She owns each second like she owns her sexuality: with confidence. The boundaries of the human form is […]

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    Desperate to die, We cannot live The night Red rivers of sorrow Chase our memories By knife A prevalent cruelty synchronised to our actions Trapped in a maze, And we can never win.   Cuts carve ridges in skin, Our victims cut and slash, but won’t end it. So often the pain can […]



In the light of my mind, I can see you clearly. Frolicking and dancing into the secret chambers of my soul without a key. Smiling and laughing away the obscurity. A spectator of my soul I have never been; trapped in my own embodiment. But here you are singing songs of tranquility audaciously. Hanging around […]

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In my hand A city has laid out its foundation I find myself now addressing the situation An eerie glow shines through blind eyes Music unheard captivates knowledge by surprise Wise scholars preach of the inner workings of inner workings Cobwebs in the mind of the machine Emptiness with teeming pristine I am Elohim A […]

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If I were to trace my fingers along your clit, Would it stimulate? Would the pure satisfaction, Allow the vials of my love, to inoculate? Would you drink the poison that is Our falling in love, Knowing it could kill you? Would you let it be? If my image seared itself into your mind, Would […]

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