What does this mean, to see in colour?

Obviously, as with anything, this statement is open to your interpretation. But in this article what I will be talking about is how to master the art of SEEING, instead of just looking. The difference between the two seems non-existent, but it is vast.

Many of us know without doubt that we constantly miss things. Opportunities, Facts and figures, often the very thing we are looking for… Things are constantly slipping from our fingertips that were right  under our noses.

This happens partly due to expectation. when you expect to find a solution to a problem  in a certain way or certain place, or you expect not to find the solution, you block out all channels to which you may find it…you are LOOKING for what you seek to find.

And it is this looking yet never seeing with eyes unclouded that will block you from finding the thing you seek.

Thus, you see the world in black and white; everything looks the same to you and so when you see something different, a unique solution, it gets camouflaged into the background of  all other things that you have experienced failure with. You drown the solution in a sea of sameness.

Let me clarify this with a third person example.

You are a mother of four.

You work a 9-5 and when you come home you have to worry about your kids safety, you have to worry about them being healthy and happy. you have to provide their needs, keep a roof over their heads, and still show them that you love them. On your free time you worry or watch The program box (T.V.).

You devote nearly all of your time to external things…yet what you desperately seek is peace of mind.

A friend tells you that the mind is not meant to run your life, that the mind has a switch, and you can turn it off. your friend tells you this is the only way to find peace.

Yet this is not the answer you are looking for…you are looking for a switch to turn off the stresses of your life, not your mind.

…..yet you are expecting that switch to be impossible to find, or you are expecting that switch to be a certain colour, certain size, etc.

Hence you ignore the hint to go within and never see the answer. The switch that is multi-coloured is hidden from sight because you have not opened the grey-tinted veil that distorts your vision. your clue blends in with everything around it and you see it the same way as everything else. not fully appreciating its occurrence as the miracle it is.

The key, then, to finding the answer you seek, is an open mind. The ability to see a thing without distortion.

If you continue to define occurrences by past experiences, you will experience the same result you always have, for you are expecting the same thing.

Now, this is starting to make sense to you.

But you may still be wondering, “how do I learn to see in colour?”

The solution is far easier than you may believe it to be. The first thing you have to do is to recognize that a portion of your problem (no matter how big or small) is you. Yes, you are in part to blame for any problem that you may be experiencing; Not only did you create it, you also perpetuate it by focusing on the problem and not the solution.

Furthermore, as I’ve said, you can only find a solution by allowing a solution, never by forcing one.

We as humans have a tendency to think we know everything. When we do this we ignore valuable information.

so how do you see in colour instead of just black and white?

Well, the first step is to stop labeling everything and actually SEE what is being presented to you. The second step is to act.

If you want to change something in your life, the first step is to SEE, and to see in colour.







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