The place in my dreams is so Faraway

That place where everything is always okay; And  laughter replaces decay.

Where my heart can rest at ease and me and you make love between the sheets.

The heat of the moment engages me.

I  have  visited the green mermaid in my dreams. she is made of light and is a part of me.

To see with a thousand eyes past lust. Into the heavens and beneath the earths crust.

A rocket ship is my Merkahba; That takes me away to distant stars. No silver cord for I have found myself, and created a world of colorful spirals inside myself.

I sit crossed legged in my torus bubble, traveling faster than light in my spaceship.



Like Macbeth; I am become death, says the Grey walls of my past earth test.

So close my dreams but so far away.

The freedom of omnipresence is not a compound thing.

And so I don’t compound my dreams.





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