When we dream, we seem to be able to manifest and change our reality with the same speed that our thoughts and desires flow to us.

We seem to be able to do this because when we dream, we enter an entirely different plane of existence. This can be proved by quantum physics and fractal positions…..This can be proved by the fact that our pineal gland  (which resembles the eye of Horus) produces not only melatonin and serotonin; but also dielmethaltriptimine (DMT).

A chemical that is used in the healing practice of ayahuasca tea.

When this chemical is released into your bloodstream, you enter not a different “dimension” for dimensions measure space, but a different density, or different frequency of vibration.  

I believe that what happens in dreams is akin to astral projection, where your spirit leaves your vessel (body) and is attached by a silver cord.

What truly happens when we sleep cannot yet be proved by science, but you can use your intuition to determine the truth of this statement; When we dream, we exist in a different place and a different way than when we are “awake”.

When we try to manifest and change our reality in this physical plane, it seems very hard and takes a lot of effort, especially when compared to a lucid dream state. We try to manifest ourselves a new job, an apartment, friends etc. but even though we put in work and try to believe, it often takes months before these things come to us, and by then most of us give up.  It is not even as though we are only intending without action; we ARE acting, but the thing still doesn’t seem to come to us. Why is this?

Perhaps this is because we believe from experience that it takes copious amounts of effort, both mentally and physically, to deliberately manifest anything in this reality

Perhaps it is because we don’t truly have faith; that theses things are about to come to us in a totally unexpected way, the seeds we have planted are beginning to sprout, but we lose hope and destroy our garden.  

We start to allow our wants and needs, our desires, to be clouded with doubt. We begin to give up before we have even tried because we suspect that this time around will be the same as the last time.

If this is truly the case, than we are going in circles, something a friend of mine calls “circle thoughts” … and so, how do we break this cycle of doubt?


. In society, we are indoctrinated into a system of thought that tells us delicate, feminine, spiritual, colourful things are not acceptable. A system of thought that tells us to ignore our feelings, to reject our divinity.

And so it is only natural for us to lose our imaginations. Our souls have been through many lifetimes of hardship and low density, we have allowed this low density plane to en-drain us of our liquid movement through time and space; our free nature.

We can change this by deliberately using our imagination, working it as if it was a muscle. We are taught by the education system to THINK, to overly use logic; but we are never taught of the importance of no mind.

Albert Einstein, however, has been quoted to say “Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Perhaps there is truth to this statement.


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