The Greys

It is Superstition to think, that they will come for you.

When the world is trapped in grey, and your trying to add COLOUR; Just do it. Don’t think.

For thinking is a concept owned by THEM.

The Greys…not some big-headed alien species that own bases on “our” moon, but the real greys.

The real greys are truly BLACK in nature….The resemblance of shadows…

Will they come for you?

when you decide to shine your light?


How could they?

Darkness cannot exist in light.

Snakes cannot take flight…

But still this dose not satisfy….They killed JFK and countless others…They expose their enemies in a bad frame. Could it be the same?

Don’t think. Don’t stare. Don’t move a hair.

The darkness will never come for you.

If they do, It won’t matter; They would have to split Dark matter, to cease the ramblings of such a MADD HATTER.

So I might as well say it, Human cloning exists….They showed you in The Island….but you were smoking your PIFF.


Let’s move on…

Prepare your anti-death kit.

Destruction is coming….

But COLOUR is lit.



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