Strange Worlds And Foreign Places

My eyes open to a strange and foreign world.

I am illuminated with the Deep Knowledge that I have never been in the midst of such exquisite beauty, and that I do not belong here…except…that seems to be the only thing I know for sure.

Other than that, there is nothing. I search my mind frantically for recollection and find only fleeting blackness.

If my memory is an ocean, this curse is the devil’s ink; Masking the light and blinding me.

How did this occur?

More importantly, Why?

Questions without answers.

There is no logical course of action but to move past the unknowing and embrace uncertainty. I observe my surroundings.

An overwhelming aroma of Lilac and pine, Fresh dew and fresh air, along with the gentle sent of jasmine Fills my lungs and I breathe it in like a drug.

Appreciation floods my essence and vibrations of love drown my heart.

The grass below me is black as satin; the sky green and vibrant.

Directly above me, dark maroon pedals the size of dragon wings spiral out from a blooming rose. Black stem with black, man-sized thorns.

Tears from the yellow high forever trees descend with cadence and conjure torrents of cascading rose blood as they interject with the flowers.

Rain from the trees that must have pores and collect water, then release it when needed.

I notice that as I observe these now red droplets fall, The algorithm of Time-speed changes; movement slows. This clockwork matrix reality bending literally to subconscious intention.

Above the labyrinth network of entangled yellow arms an orb shines magnificent green light.

This land is a masterpiece of kaleidoscope colours and overwhelmed senses.

An extensium where stars shine lasers and planets cry songs, and all life has a voice that is heard and felt.

And I exist as a white wisp; a phantom in a memory.




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