Separation V Community

“The ultimate ‪#‎tyranny‬ in ‪#‎society‬ is not control by ‪#‎martiallaw‬; It is ‪#‎control‬, by the ‪#‎physiological‬ manipulation of ‪#‎consciousness‬, through which ‪#‎reality‬ is defined so that those who exist within it, do not even realize that they are imprisoned” ~ Barbara Marciniak


As a society, we can be our own worst enemies or our saviors….usually both at ounce with one side prevailing…

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

We can simply see the light within another and recognize truth.

Expect the highest path to be walked down, and not give in to fear.

As a connected and dominating species on planet earth,

we live in communities ( Villages, towns, cities, countries, schools, workplaces etc..) full of separation.

It is almost as if each man is his own country at war with the world, dwelling completely in his ego and disregarding all others as unimportant.

We are connected only by a body of governance (in fact a 7 headed snake) that turns us against each other.



In an age where it is as easy to reach someone living across the world as it is to cross the street, where is the sense of community?

Where is the co-operation to make planet earth an example of peace?

We are the catylist of our own destruction…..we do not see with the all seeing eye that exists in our minds. we are blinded by ego and the paper chase race.

We are put against each other like chickens in a cock fight….but where has our divinity hidden?

Here is a list of what I feel a real community culture would be.

  • Small supported communities built upon proprietorship and innovation
  • A balance of Nature and modernization
  • A balance of work and play
  • All members of the community coming together to ensure all have equal resources
  • Resource based economy (as seen in Jacques Fresco’s “The Venus project“)
  • Homeless housed
  • Clean, free energy
  • Coexistance with nature
  • Clean healthy high P.H. water that is recycled with a cleaning of water process that reduces poisons such as fluoride and clourine while keeping healthy minerals intact
  • Community gardens free of gmos and pesticides, including indoor greenhouses as well as out door gardens, 90 % of vegetables and fruit locally produced.
  • Organized council of wise individuals to conclude matters of importance in a fair and just way; pronounces the decision and community votes whether or not to endorse it or keep brainstorming.
  • Communion of like minded individuals.
  • High value placed on natural learning and play.
  • Art incorporated in environment so we can live art instead of just going to a museum and looking at it.
  • Laws decided by population.
  • No weapons or violence.
  • Community dinners
  • Teach kids from a young age that life is about passion and they are gods (not slaves)
  • Community engagement in social endeavors.
  • Enlightened population
  • Spiritual but not necessarily religious

And here is a list of where I think humanity is at now regarding community.

  • Corporation owned communities
  • Nature over-run by concrete
  • Citizens are debt slaves to their 9-5 lives
  • Wealthy hoarding resources
  • Destruction of nature
  • Homeless suppressed, seen as sub-human
  • Population controlled by military and industrial complex
  • Expensive, unnatural, unhealthy means of energy production
  • Unhealthy, Toxic water supply
  • 99% of food owned by a corporation that doesn’t give a fuck about you
  • Politicians bought and paid for
  • Secret commitees such as bilderberg and United Nations  conduct secret agendas
  • Arguments without resolution
  • War valued over peace
  • Wide-spread calamity and Education epidemic
  • Families are rarely eating and spending time together and grow more distant as they chase pleasures with lust that give no lasting satisfaction
  • Children raised to be slaves to a capitalist regime
  • No engagement to the community for typical north american
  • Dumbed down population
  • 80% of population that are religious are not spiritual


How accurate is this to you?

Would you say this model is representative of our society?

How can we create a better world?

The solution may lie in anarchy.

In an absence of control….

After all…..trying to control and sanction freedom has not been working out too well…has it?

Hows that war on drugs going?

And the war on Terrorism?

Didn’t think so.

The only way to actually change the world is to directly bypass authorities.

Government control is a result of the average person allowing tyranny to exist.

We choose to ignore the worlds problems while we waste our lives away without contribution.

I ounce heard in an article written by a man who committed suicide that when he left his body he floated upwards into a white bubble made of light and heard a voice say,

” Your life is not your own, as the universe itself in physical form, you owe your life to the betterment of the universe” 

He then went back into his body and chose again to continue living his life, contributing to the betterment of planet earth.

In the same way, our lives are not ours to waste.

We owe our talents and skills to the betterment of all.

And indeed, the only way we will create a better world, is if we don’t ask the twisted and fallen regime for permission; but instead allow our light to be shone on darkness with our actions.

Be a part of the change.


P.S. ~ contact me and let me know what you thought of the article!







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