Words without a mouth.

We create ourselves within a

confining and constricting box:

yet allow the belief that we are free

to exist within our minds

through a process we call cognitive dissonance.


Grey walls closing in on us.

collapsing our dreams to dust

As we limit our vision to match the soul-blind perspectives that surround us.



Infinitely boundless; yet bound in a cage.

Timeless minds tangled in the shackles of public opinion and status quo.


The inoculation of the serum of unworthiness conquering and spreading through our being as if a virus; a conspiring succubus that seeks to destroy us.


It is the demon of fear, in its many forms, that wraps its tendons around us and drags us down through its seven hells into a lost abyss.

A catacomb of forgotten sorrows that flail restlessly for eternity.


And in this madness we feel like broken machines.

Broken companions of God who have strayed from that divine spark to experience its opposite.


We have set our own traps, and have lost the keys to unlock ourselves in the process.


Fallen Angels.


We search for contentment outside of ourselves, creating a recipe for disappointment.

Ignoring the sacred stream within; rejecting our divinity.


The Silver Twilight of our raw emotion neither expressed nor utilized because

– like timid mice – we have a fear of being heard: and a conflicting desire of the same nature.


And we feel like everything we know is lost.

As we stumble through this dream of dreams.


Awaiting to awaken.



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