In the darkest hours of my thoughts, when it seems like all is lost; I shall look to love, like the pulsating sun, and fill my vessel with light, to connect with the one.
Imagination spun like golden spirals of creation: Divinity is DNA’s safe haven.
Yet the cravens in the cut walk about unnoticed, influencing loss, not unlike the holocaust.
We are here to change the status quo and grow bold, like yeshua hung on the cross; truth has a consequence, and it’s yours to hold.
And when it feels like time does not exist, and you are but a phantom
, in the twilight gleam; a thing unseen, and though most of reality exists within the breaking sky’s seam, like the sun I am the light; a lantern.
So you may follow the path of bliss.
And to the Spirit of the abyss; you must confront the snakes that hiss, destroy all evil with one last breath, kiss death mockingly on the lips.
One last plummet to the depths of humanities destruction; to pass the test and all the rest, and engage in political dysfunction.
Death to the corrupted, and I don’t mean reincarnation; I mean death to darkness at the birth to light, the birth of high vibrational creations.
And may our knowledge improve as we disown solitude, and cease to stand for corruption.
One last breath, we stand the test, humanity has ascended to heaven.


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