Her presence sends waves of sonorous energy directly to your heart.

She uplifts you, lightens your essence, and gives your life purpose.

the magic in her eyes ignites a fire within you and all you crave is that this sacral flame can forever burn until infinity repeats itself; but you know this cannot be so.

For change is the only constant.

and therefore your only logical desire is to devour every inch of her essence.

To dive into the masterpiece that is her body.

An empty canvas for you to perform your sexual arts.

To taste every morsel of skin in your mouth and to steal the energy from her lips.

To incite a reaction.

To inoculate her with a symphony of pleasure and create a yearning desire that is activated when you pause, observe, and start again. .

Always, you captivate this in memory; for it will be gone in an instant.

This is your ritual.

to initiate sexual arousal and at the climax of satisfaction when you should

go inside her… instead breathe in her indulgence.

and then a blade at her throat.

you; observing her sudden surprise, then anxiety, then fear. all while being so turned on she cannot take you seriously….until you exsanguinate the substance of life within her.


you begin to thrust.


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