I am ecstasy.

Life force energy runs through my veins. The air I breathe is golden.

Surrounded in magic, I have broken into the seam of infinite abundance.

I have transcended time, and when it comes to divinity, I have inherited mine.

Spirit flowing through me and with me tells me I am god, and laughs at any form of punishment.

All that is; is, all that shall be will be as I allow the possibilities of life to run through me at will.

I am love.

I am beauty.

I am ecstasy.

I am the flowers and leaves of trees.

I leave nothing for the morrow but a promise of the rise and fall of the pendulum of creation.

The morbid as beautiful as the innocent.

The soft white silk of my skin needs touch,

perhaps I am not so innocent.

I flow with the dust of the wind, and I may be gone on the morrow.

I am ecstasy.

I am oneness.

I am here to stay.

I am light; transcending and soaking up sorrow,

Transmuting it into something beautiful.

I am ecstasy.


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