The coming and going of Yeshua (Jesus Christ)


Approximately 2000 years ago, an evolved soul incarnated into a Jewish family in the middle east. This soul had been predicted by the Mayans to be the deliverer of a new age; the age of enlightenment.

It was this man’s destiny to become a way shower, a path layer, a bridge between worlds. To blaze a path that humanity was destined to follow. As was predicted.

His presence was known before his arrival.

And so there were those who were prepared.

And they were prepared for the target that might be put on their heads for supporting this man if he was to live up to his full potential.

And this man taught of the true nature of the essence of God, and was despised by the church.

He was hunted down and nailed to the cross, however, this man ascended from his body at his moment of death, transcending the process of reincarnation.

Yet somewhere along the way, we have forgotten this man’s identity. We have called him by the Hispanic name Jesus, even though the letter J didn’t exist until the 1600’s.

We have wrongfully worshiped this man even though he told us that the kingdom of god is within us, he told us we didn’t have to worship any entity to relate with God.

Yet we worship him still.

We falsify this entity’s identity and we ignore his message.

This entity’s full name was Yeshua Ha Mashiah.

He was sent here on a mission to unite humanity, to ready us for the shift that would happen in 2012 as was predicted by the Mayan calendar.

A shift of energy that would take us from a slightly more negative to a slightly more positive collective vibration (as a planet).

This man incarnated on earth at a time when a relationship with god was believed to have only come from the hands of the church, and the word of God was the word of the church, and not one word that was said in the name of God came from a place outside of the church.

This was the purest form of manipulation because the church would push its own beliefs as the word of God. Creating corruption and scandal.

And so, when Yeshua continued to spread the word of God without the biased opinions of the church, and showed average people that they, like him, could perform miracles, they hunted him down.

The church, in fact, was not as connected to God as they would have their followers believe, and still aren’t. The church would like to believe that God is it’s owned intellectual property, and forgets or is blinded to the fact that God is consciousness…It kind of gets me thinking…what have religious people been worshiping all these years?

Why do we stick our heads in the sand?

Obviously this mans message was not for us to worship him as a god, but to honor the piece of God that is you.

Initially, religious people would tend to ignore any message that changes their world view, but I invite Christians, and other religious groups alike, to look at what I have said and deeply ask themselves, “what am I worshiping?” and “what is the true purpose of worship?” The answer may surprise you.

Truth can only be known from inside, via intuition.

The perfect way to explain this is with an example: when you suddenly have a feeling that something is true, you JUST KNOW. You do not have to contemplate this knowing with the logical mind; your being is literally filled with knowingness.

This is the way we should look at concepts such as religion.

If we do not look at it with the truth of our intuition, but rather blindly accept what we are being told, or battle concepts with our logical mind, we are subject to violent manipulation.

For farther information on the subject of intuition, look no farther than this link


To conclude, whether or not this entities existence can be validated, his message still stands, and that message is to love yourself.




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