In my hand

A city has laid out its foundation

I find myself now addressing the situation

An eerie glow shines through blind eyes

Music unheard captivates knowledge by surprise

Wise scholars preach of the inner workings of inner workings

Cobwebs in the mind of the machine

Emptiness with teeming pristine

I am Elohim

A planet spirals magnetically above my hand

Its existence is tied to mine.

A multi-dimensional heliosphere comes into existence

Strange how I have altered the creation of normal existence

Participating in backward spun creation

I have altered the course of natural divine time.

I have made myself God.

A solar system sits in the palm of my hand; spinning

Planets teem with life,

I make sure they never captivate the knowledge that I am a fraud

I allow the normal cycles of species destruction

But to my surprise, the planet species does not survive the dysfunction

And my lips begin to loose suction.

And flames lick skies from the palm of my hand

My wrath against man

Has destroyed my own self

I crumble to dust; a failed experiment.


5 thoughts on “I AM ELOHIM

  1. hey Nick, I really like this one, but ill have to read it again to get everything…cool you write stuff like this !! Hey i got a new job, it may be temporary but this week is all 4 days.. it pays more, and way more peaceful.., gardeners helper,


    Liked by 1 person

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