The coming and going of Yeshua

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  I am ecstasy. Life force energy runs through my veins. The air I breathe is golden. Surrounded in magic, I have broken into the seam of infinite abundance. I have transcended time, and when it comes to divinity, I have inherited mine. Spirit flowing through me and with me tells me I am god, […]

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In the darkest hours of my thoughts, when it seems like all is lost; I shall look to love, like the pulsating sun, and fill my vessel with light, to connect with the one. Imagination spun like golden spirals of creation: Divinity is DNA’s safe haven. Yet the cravens in the cut walk about unnoticed, […]

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Her presence sends waves of sonorous energy directly to your heart. She uplifts you, lightens your essence, and gives your life purpose. the magic in her eyes ignites a fire within you and all you crave is that this sacral flame can forever burn until infinity repeats itself; but you know this cannot be so. […]

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The Symmetry of Broken Plates.

    A broken plate is symbolic of a shattered dream. A thing that, once allotted the freedom to fall and crash, can never be pieced back together to resemble what it once was, regardless of the determination of our attempt. We cannot look at a broken plate and piece it back together by reminiscing […]

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